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సల్మాన్ ఖాన్ నటించిన రాధే పైరసీకి సంబంధించి జీ సైబర్ సెల్ వద్ద ఫిర్యాదు చేసింది

Salman Khan starrer Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai released on May 13 on the occasion of Eid on a streaming platform ZEE5’s pay-per-view service ZEEPlex. The film was also supposed to be released in theatres but due to the lockdown, theatres are closed. Salman Khan, a day ago, took to social media to warn those who are pirating…

అమితాబ్ బచ్చన్ COVID-19 వ్యాక్సిన్ యొక్క రెండవ మోతాదును తీసుకుంటాడు; 'పంపిణీ చేసిన 10 వెంటిలేటర్లు, మార్గంలో 50 ఆక్సిజన్ సాంద్రతలు'

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has taken the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The actor shared a picture from the hospital while he was getting his shot. He further revealed on his blog about the relief work that he has been doing and that he delivered 10 ventilators, and 50 oxygen concentrators on the way yesterday.He wrote…



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ఇండియా మెరుపు దాడిలో 18 ఏనుగులు మరణించాయని అనుమానిస్తున్నారు

At least 18 elephants are suspected to have been killed by lightning in northeastern India, officials said Thursday as they launched a probe into the incident. Forest officials and a local lawmaker, Jitu Goswami, told AFP they believed the pachyderms died after lightning struck a forest in Nagaon district in central Assam during a storm…

ఆసియా నగరాలు పర్యావరణ ప్రమాదాల యొక్క ఖచ్చితమైన తుఫానును ఎదుర్కొంటున్నాయి

Asian cities face perfect storm of environmental hazards By Marlowe HOOD Paris (AFP) May 13, 2021 Of the 100 cities worldwide most vulnerable to environmental hazards all but one are in Asia, and most are in India or China, according to a risk assessment published Thursday. Across the globe, more than 400 large cities with…

చైనా బెయిలౌట్ తర్వాత శ్రీలంకకు m 500 మిలియన్ల దక్షిణ కొరియా రుణం లభిస్తుంది

Sri Lanka said Monday it had secured a $500 million loan from South Korea, a month after a similar loan from China as the island faced a foreign exchange shortage amid a debt crisis. The government said South Korea agreed to provide the loan at a concessional interest rate of 0.15 to 0.20 percent, repayable…

కోవిడ్ -19 భయాలపై ఎవరెస్ట్ శిఖరంపై చైనా విభజన మార్గాన్ని ఏర్పాటు చేస్తుంది

China will set up a "separation line" on the peak of Mount Everest to avoid possible Covid-19 infections by climbers from virus-hit Nepal, state media reported, after dozens were taken ill from the summit's base camp. While the virus first emerged in China in late 2019, it has largely been brought under control in the…

WHO గ్రీన్-లైట్స్ చైనీస్ టీకాగా వైరస్ మరణాలు భారతదేశంలో టాప్ 4,000

Virus deaths top 4,000 in India as WHO green-lights Chinese vaccine By Aishwarya Kumar, with AFP Bureaus New Delhi (AFP) May 8, 2021 New Covid-19 deaths surged past 4,000 for the first time in India on Saturday as it struggled with one of the world's worst outbreaks, but the global immunisation effort was boosted with…
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How ‘Halston’, the miniseries on Netflix, has let one of America’s greatest fashion icons down To review the new Netflix miniseries on the iconic American fashion designer Halston, let’s begin with a few facts that are missing in this presentation. The viewers of these five episodes are two to three generations removed from the culture…





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